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MINRIS App is being developed as a mobile software application to meet the research and analysis needs of various stakeholders of the mineral commodity industry such as Mining companies, commodity traders, Government and Private research Organisations, Investors with ease of access and usability.
Start January 2019 - please see MINRIS

Recently published books/articles:

Tapan Majumder / Guenter Tiess
Deep Mining - 2030 (pdf)
Deep Mining - 2030 (power point)

Guenter Tiess"General and International Mineral Policy, Focus Europe"

"Legal Basics of Mineral Policy in Europe"

Dmitry A. Ruban
"Geoconservation versus legislation and resources policy: New achievements, new questions - Comment on Cairncross (Resources Policy, 2011) The National Heritage Resource Act (1999): Can legislation protect South Africa's rare geoheritage resources?"

Dmitry A. Ruban, Guenter Tiess
Geological heritage and mining legislation: a brief conceptual assessment of the principal legal acts of selected EU countries