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Minerals Policy

Mineral Resources are the key to a growing economy. They are crucial to establish public infrastructure, to build vehicles and to develop electronic parts. The statement "If mining comes to its end, the economy will grind to a halt" matches the importance of mineral resources in our society.

Numerous administrative procedures have to be dealt with before even the first excavator is permitted to make its way to a mining site. The fundamental (legal) basics are better known under the term "minerals policy". Minerals policy is part of economic policy and an interdisciplinary science. Mineral policy frameworks include for instance the analysis of mineral statistics in order to provide adequate forecasts for efficient land-use planning. The generated results are the key to effectuate long-term mineral (supply-) concepts. Different scenarios can be generated with the application of System Dynamics Modelling and the results can be actualized prematurely.

MinPol has the vision to contribute to the future access to mineral resources deposits by providing comprehensive support in the form of publications, position papers and the participation in national and international projects.

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