Dmitry A. Ruban

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- Swiss Association of Petroleum Geologists and Engineers (Schweizerische Vereinigung von Petroleum-Geologen und -Ingenieuren), 2006-now.
- Editorial Board of the journal "Geologos" (published in Poland; an international journal), 2009-now.
- Editorial Board of the journal "Stratigraphy and sedimentology of oil-gas basins" (published in the Republic of Azerbaijan; bilingual journal: English-Russian), 2007-now.


- Phanerozoic palaeobiology - fossil diversity, crises, mass extinctions, and their causes and factors;
- catastrophes in the history of the Earth (including the end-Pleistocene event)
- chrono-, bio-, litho-, synthem, sequence, and event stratigraphy;
- Jurassic marine invertebrates;
- palaeogeography and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions;
- sea-level changes, eustasy, transgressions/regressions;
- .....

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