Urkarsh Akhouri
Utkarsh Akhouri is currently a final year Undergraduate Student in the Department of Mining Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He will further be pursuing Master's Degree in the field of Financial Engineering from the same institution.

FIELD OF INTEREST: As a student of mining engineering, keen interest in the field of mineral economics and minerals policy framework. Presently the head of MINE ECONOMICS AND MINERAL POLICY RESEARCH GROUP (MEMPRG), IIT Kharagpur an organisation which is a network of students and professors who work in the field of mineral economics and mineral policy.

As a student of Financial Engineering he is interested in the economical aspect of a country's mineral policy focusing on demand and supply analysis of minerals, factors regulating local and global prices of minerals.

He has worked on developing the methodology, concepts and theories involved in forming an ideal minerals policy. He has also worked on several research papers on the topics related to aggregate mineral scenario in India and Analysis of (selected) critical minerals for the BRICS countries