Ali Ismail Al-Juboury

Sugeng Mujiyanto was PhD candidate in Mineral Economic and Mining Engineering, Department of Mineral Resources and Petroleum Engineering, University of Leoben Austria. His dissertation related to energy policy in Indonesia. He finished his Master Degree from Mining Department of Queen University, Canada and Civil and Environmental Engineering from UNSW, Australia.

He wrote "Mineral Resources Policies and Governance in Indonesia and Secure Energy Supply in 2025: Indonesia's Need for an Energy Policy Strategy" in collaboration with Dr. Guenter Tiess.

Besides, he had been more than 6 years participating in environmental management as EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) evaluator in Indonesia. Furthermore he is also involved in setting some environmental regulations on mining.

Sugeng Mujiyanto also attended some courses related to environmental management and best practice environmental monitoring in Indonesia and in the United States of America.