Stephane Chevrel

Stéphane Chevrel obtained his diploma of engineer in Mineral Resources and Industrial Minerals from the Polytech Engineering Faculty of Orleans (France) in 1976 and a postgraduate certificate in Analysis and Management of Geological Risks from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) in 1993.

He has been working for BRGM, the French Geological Survey, from 1977. His professional career started in Saudi Arabia where he was in charge of exploration for industrial minerals for the Directorate General for Mineral Resources. Following the emergence of satellite imagery he then acquired skills in remte sensing and image processing he has applied to various geo-sciences fields in the Middle East and in particular in the geological mapping programme of the entire Sultanate of Oman territory for the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals.

From 1995, he has been intensively involved in the application of remote sensing and Earth Observation techniques to the environmental and societal impacts of mining activities, mostly in South Africa, Europe, Greenland and Central Asia. He has been coordinating European Commission Framework projects, including the MINEO (Monitoring and assessing the environmental Impact of mining in Europe using advanced Earth Observation Techniques) and EO-MINERS (Earth Observation for Monitoring and Observing Environmental and Societal Impacts of Mineral Resources Exploration and Exploitation) projects, developing the application of innovative techniques, in particular hyperspectral and LiDAR imagery in the monitoring and mapping of mining-related contamination of soils and waters. He also led workpackage 1 (Resources and Sustainability assessment) in the BioMine project.

He has been among the French representative at the ad-hoc group on mining wastes inventories ("AHG Inventories") set up by the Technical Adaptation Committee in the frame of the Directive on the Management of Wastes from the Extractive Industry.

He gives lectures and remote sensing courses at universities and institutions, both in France and abroad. Within GEO, the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations, he is Point of Contact for the Community Activity CA-06 "Earth Observation data for managing mineral and non-renewable energy resources". He is member of the Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG).

He recently proceeded to a review of "responsible mining" initiatives for the French Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Ministry of Environment.