Irinmaa Sokolova

Iryna Sokolova specialises in project management and international cooperation of natural and mineral resources, with a practical focus on mining. She has developed a number of works, encompassing the preparation of presentations, standard methodologies, publications, papers in field of subsoil use and environmental protection, harmonization and development initiatives with the European standards, the interactions between international and national levels.

She is a co-coordinator and operation manager of a number of proposals on natural and mineral resources in the framework of the working programme H2020, focusing on the development of a smooth value chain between strategic industrial and mining sector.

She has an international reputation for promotion and development planning cooperation between countries, creation of international consortiums involved more than 20 industrial, scientific, mining, government and NGO organizations.

She is undergoing "Building Bridges between the major European industrial sector ". She is involved in elaboration of the innovative hybrid safety and environmentally sound approaches on removing radioactive elements from ores with tight partnership with European experts. Within the framework of the European programmes jointly European laboratories and industrial sectors, several comprehensive innovative technologies for medical, aluminum, aerospace, automotive catalysts sectors plants have also been developed.
She is a manager experienced in projects as an adviser on international communications, providing: