Sharad Chandra Sharma finished his bachelor and masterstudies (B, MSc) in 1968 respectively 1971.

From 1984 untill 2008 he worked with Alcoa of Australia with process engineering teams at Alcoa's refineries, in the US, Brazil, the Caribbean, Spain and Australia, in the various areas of the Bayer process: Digestion, Heat Interchange, Evaporation; Calcination; SAG Mills, Rod Mills; Clarification; Precipitation; as well as the powerhouse, and did some work in smelting; based at the Kwinana alumina refinery.
Afterwards that he worked as a consultant in Process Modeling for BHP Billiton Worsley Alumina till 2010 and is currently engaged as sessional academic staff in Chemical Engineering: assisting with teaching in a course 'Process Synthesis & Design' and research in process systems engineering at the Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia.

His strenght is essentially process simulation, he has gained extensive experience in the alumina industry, but also has interest in non-ferrous and ferrous mineral processing industries and power utilities.