Dr. Schirmers' diversified special know how covers the fields of geology, mining, mineral resources, exploration, environmental issues and infrastructural projects based on the overall control and management in national and international projects as well as teamwork services.

Highlights in his professional career are long-year activities as appointed expert of the Group of Technical Experts of the UN Preparatory Commission of the International Sea-bed Authority and the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea and as appointed expert in mining safety working groups of the potash industry of the former GDR.

Furthermore Dr. Schirmer managed an EU-financed environmental audit of a large-scale smelter complex in Northern Namibia and for many years he was active in geological advisory services in governmental institutions of Arabic countries.

On the basis of long-term national and international management and geological experience Dr. Schirmer is capable to be involved in several projects of different scientific-technical disciplines.