Sharad Chandra Sharma

Selected publications and conferences
- Lee, T T, A Nooraii, and S C Sharma, "Pressure-Driven Process Simulation of a Heat Interchange Building in an Alumina Refinery", ICSOBA, Bhuvaneswar, November 2008.
- Chatfield, R, and S C Sharma, "The Use Of Process Models To Resolve Capital And Operating Cost Tradeoffs In Bayer Digestion", ICSOBA, Montreal, October 2006.
- Pareek, V, A Razavimanesh, and S C Sharma, "Re-use of Unit Operation Process Models Across Simulation Environments", Indian Chemical Engineering Congress, New Delhi, December 2005.
- Sharma, S C, M G Sneesby, R J Stone, and M O Tade, "Dynamic Simulation of an Evaporator Unit using Speedup", Proc Control 92, Perth, Nov 2-4, 279-282.
- Sharma, S C, and M O Tade, "Data Reconcilliation in an Alumina Refinery", Proc ICOTA 92, Singapore, June 2, 790-799.
- Horne, G D, and S C Sharma, "Design of a Bayer Impurity Removal Process with ASPEN", Light Metals (the 119th annual meeting of the AIME), Anaheim, 1990.

Involvement in education programmes
- Visiting faculty at IIT Bombay, for Professional Development Programme on "Process Simulation in Industry".
- Supervisor for a graduate thesis and several undergraduate design projects, at Curtin University of Technology, Perth.
- Invited to lecture on Process Modelling at Curtin University and Murdoch University, Perth.