Grigoriy Malukhin

Integrated development of the polymetallic deposit Verhne-Menkeche. (2011-2014)

Finding a way to obtain a compatible estimation date for GKZ reserves and JORC resources/reserves for the copper deposit Udokan (2012-2013).

Audit of materials: "Techno-economic validation of permanent exploration parameters for reserves calculation of Sarylah deposit." (2013)

Audit ofmaterials of the conceptual geological and technological study for a bismuth-copper-cobalt deposit aiming evaluation of data quality and quantity for feasibility study development. (2013-2014)

Pre-feasibility study development for gold-antimonial deposit Sentachan and reserves calculation. (2013-2014)

Development of technical and economical calculations for the main engineering options for validation ofpermanent exploration parameters for Sentachan deposit."(2014)

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Scientific-research reports (selected)
Guidelines on Alignment of Russian minerals reporting standardsand the CRIRSCO Template. Approved by CRIRSCO and GKZ (2010).

Development of guidelines for the composition and rules of submission to the state expertise feasibility study of conditions and the mineral reserves calculations using block modeling (2013).