Veston Malango

Relevant experience to MinPol as CEO of the Chamber of Mines of Namibia (2005 to date):

1) Helped influence positive outcomes on strategic minerals policy. Initial announcement had no detail & clarity thereby shaking investor confidence. Government has now agreed to hold prior consultations with the Chamber before major policy pronouncements.

2) Revision of the mining legislation through the Minerals Bill Committee of government.

3) Participation in the process leading to the new Nuclear Fuel Policy of Namibia.

4) Successfully negotiated with government to reverse damaging tax proposals and royalty reductions. This is bearing fruit now. Mining industry is on a tremendous growth path with 3 new mines under construction (new uranium, gold & copper mines), creating jobs and broadening the tax base for the Fiscus. In the 2014 Report by the Fraser Institute, Namibia emerged as the most attractive investment destination in Africa, followed by Botswana. 30 African countries participated in the survey. Namibia was globally ranked 25th position out of the 122 jurisdictions. Influencing government policy and legislation is core function as CEO of the Chamber of Mines of Namibia.

5) Successfully organised 4 Mining Expos & conferences since 2010 to showcase the Namibian mining industry. The 4th Mining Expo & Conference took place during 20-21 May, 2015.

6) Assisting the African Union Commission & UNECA in the marketing of the African Mining Vision (AMV) to the private sector at the Mining Indaba in Cape Town, South Africa. Co-chairing the AMV Day and Ministerial Symposium at this event for the past 3 years.

Relevant experience to MinPol as Deputy Director of Mines, Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy (1996 - 2004):

a) Part of the team that developed the new Diamond Act of 1999 to replace old statutes dating back to 1939.

b) Revised safety legislation

c) Project manager for the Minerals Policy of Namibia which was successfully completed in 2002

d) Helped government on various policy positions as the Chief Government Mining Engineer / Technical Advisor for 8 years (Deputy Director Level).

Prof. Dr-Ing. Helmut Mischo, Professur für Rohstoffabbau und Spezialverfahren unter Tage / Chair Underground Mining Methods Technical University Bergakademie Frieberg Scientific Director of the Research and Lecturing Mine Reiche Zeche D-09599 Freiberg, Sachsen, Germany

Dr. Oliver Maponga, Economics Affairs Officer, UNECA SCRO-SA Lusaka, Zambia

Mr. Robert Mwanachilenga, Country Manager, Chariot Oil & Gas, Windhoek 9000, Namibia