Horst Hejny

Member of ECSC Experts Committee "Mining Operations"

Member of ITA-AITES, International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association

Member of ITA-COSUF, ITA Committee on Operational Safety of Underground Facilities

Main activities

- Research work on heat transfer phenomena in stirred vessels; development of a computer controlled test facility

- Development of a method for separation of solid residues from coal gasification by density

- Analytical investigations on solid residues from coal gasification, development and installation of software for data acquisition and evaluation of analytical devices

- Development of test methods for dust protection systems and comparison of various dust measurement systems

- Coordination of activities on silicosis protection

- Management and execution of R&D projects of the ECSC on epidemiology of pneumoconiosis

- Research work on mine climate and refrigerating techniques and development and testing of software for mine climate prediction

- Coordination of R&D on ventilation, mine climate, gas outbursts and dust suppression

- Central coordination of company's R&D and innovation, management of R&D projects
- Coordinator of the European Thematic Network NESMI "Network on the European Sustainable Mining and Minerals industry"<

- Exploitation Manager of the EU Project UpTun "Cost-effective Sustainable and innovative Upgrading Methods for Fire Safety in Existing Tunnels"

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