Rachel Boschen

Rachel E. Boschen obtained a Master of Science (Integrated) with First Class Honours in Marine Biology, from University of Southampton, UK in 2012. She is currently a PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington and the National Institute of Water and Atmosphere, New Zealand.

Rachel is a member of the International network for scientific investigation of deep-sea ecosystems (INDEEP), the Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI), International cooperation in ridge crest studies (InterRidge) and the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST).

Rachel's research interests include deep-sea biology, hydrothermal vent ecology, population connectivity and the potential effects of mining on deep-sea biological communities. Her thesis research title is "The ecological impacts of mining at seafloor massive sulphide deposits with respect to macrofaunal distribution and population connectivity".

Rachel has recently co-authored a review article on mining at seafloor massive sulfides and was a co-author on one of the published workshop outcomes from VentBase 2012. She is currently one of the co-ordinators for VentBase 2014.