Minerals policy is part of economic policy and an interdisciplinary science. This is the reason why MinPol has several experts from different scientific backgrounds among its team members. Geologists are responsible for the evaluation of mineral deposits, economists for evaluation of mineral markets, legal experts take care of the development of minerals policy frameworks and IT-specialists build customized software environments for every project. As minerals policy has to be taken into account in a global sense the team also consists of people from different nations. Therefore, MinPol has the ability to work on international projects in a very professional and targeted way.

Main purpose of MinPol is to advise and deal with all issues around the mineral policy frameworks around the world. In particular, MinPol carries out evaluations of mineral deposits, of mineral markets, takes care of the development of minerals policy frameworks, and develops customised software environments for every project. MinPol has the vision to contribute to the future access to mineral resources deposits by providing comprehensive support in the form of publications, position papers and the participation in national and international projects.

Conclusive Figures (Aggregates in Europe)