Michelle Wyart-Remy

Holding a PhD in Sciences, Dr Michelle Wyart-Remy has headed IMA-Europe as Director and Secretary General from its creation in 1994 till July 2015. Continuing in parallel her responsibilities as Secretary General of the Scientific Association of the talc Industry, EUROTALC (1979-2015), she was also the Secretary General of other IMA-Europe member associations, notably the European industrial silicas (EUROSIL), the European Specialty Minerals, ESMA and the European Lime Association, EuLA.

She acted during more than 35 years in several committees as representative and expert of the minerals industry in the field of raw materials policy, innovation, product stewardship, health & safety and social dialogue. She negotiated the first multi-sectorial Social Dialogue Agreement and remains the co-chair of the Council of the European Network on Silica (NEPSI) since the signature in 2006 of this autonomous agreement on the "Good Handling and Use of Crystalline Silica and Products Containing It".

Having retired from IMA-Europe end of July 2015, Dr Michelle Wyart remains active as an independent consultant in public affairs, with vested interest in the minerals regulatory and policy fields. With competence in multi-sectorial and interdisciplinary networks and alliances management and negotiations, she provides strategic advice in the field of raw materials policy, innovation programmes, minerals product stewardship, health & safety in the mineral and extractive industry, and European social dialogue. Her experience notably covers:
- European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, its Strategic Implementation Plan and Raw Materials Commitments - Critical Raw Materials assessment methodology - Best practices in Land Planning and Mineral Policy - Horizon 2020 projects in the field of raw materials technological and non- technological innovation - Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy - Classification, Labelling and Packaging and REACH