Grigoriy Malukhin

Grigoriy Malukhin graduated from Moscow State Geological Prospecting University (MSGPU) as a Mining Engineer (1996). He is a Candidate of Technical Sciences (Geotechnology) (1999); he holds a professional certificate in management of the Open University of the UK (2013). He has more than 18 years of experience in practical and scientific activities in the subsoil use field.

Grigoriy Malukhin has managed and participated in a number of projects related to the development of different kinds of normative/methodological documents aimed at improving the understanding and use of mineral reserves and resources, including the preparation of instructions for assessment and valuation of ore bodies to be used in the State Auditing process; a number of projects related to technical and economic assessments of mineral deposits; the work on development of the Russian mineral reserves and resources reporting code (NAEN Code) based on CRIRSCO Template and integration of the Expert Russian Society on Subsoil Use (OERN) in the international geological and mining community and recognition of OERN by this community.

For more than 10 years he chairs the Methodology and Development Department of the Federal State Organization "State Commission on Mineral Reserves" (GKZ). Since 2005 he has participated in the work of the Expert Group on Resource Classification at UN ECE.

In several years he was awarded letters of commendation from Ministry of Natural Resources of RF, GKZ, OERN, he holds an honor diploma of Moscow State University. Grigoriy Malukhin is a member of OERN, CRIRSCO and has an EuroGeol title.

He has more than 40 scientific works and publications.