Julia Ebner completed a Bachelor of Science in International Business at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy at Vienna University. Since September 2013, Ms Ebner is enrolled in a Dual Master's Degree in International Relations at Peking University and London School of Economics with a specialization on China's and Europe's involvement in the African minerals sector.

She previously interned for the consultancy Asia21 in Zurich, the Austrian Consulate General in Chicago, the start-up incubator Rocket Internet in Singapore and the United Nations Development Programme in Bratislava.

Since August 2014, Ms. Ebner works for the European Institute for Asian Studies in Brussels with a research focus on China's rare earths policies and Europe's ICT and clean technology sector dependence on rare earths.

Research Focus:

- The African Mining Sector
- China's Rare Earth Policies
- International Mineral Competition Dynamics