Akper A. Feyzullayev

Akper A. Feyzullayev graduated from the Faculty of Geological-Exploration faculty of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (1970). He graduated Doctor in Geology and Mineralogy (1992). Since 1973 he has been working in the Geology Institute and is Head of the department of "Oil-and-gas Geology and Geochemistry".

Field of research: seismicity, contrasting horizontal-vertical of earth crust; study the entire process of formulating of hydrocarbon reservoir from accumulation in the traps and accompanying this process diapirism, volcanism, manifestations of abnormally-high pressures; development of new criteria of the search of hydrocarbons on the basis of the reflection characteristics of geochemical processes in geophysical fields.

Dr Feyzullayev has published more than 200 scientific papers, 5 monographs and 1 author`s certificate.