Data Processing and Simulation

As a profound data stock is the basis for all of our research activities, processing of raw data is crucial for the accuracy of the proximate tasks. When working on a project, the MinPol team has to handle data from different enterprises, research facilities or authorities in different file formats, alignments, time periods and so forth. As data is also a crucial ingredient for developing a comprehensive and sustainable minerals policy, MinPol accumulated a tremendous database for internal research activities called MinRIS ("MinPol - Mineral Resources Intelligent System") to guarantee optimum results generated from subsequent simulations and as a consequence more accurate conclusions wrote down the final reports.

Simulations (production, consumption, recycling, transportation, ...) are the intermediate step between the data processing stage and the development of mineral policy frameworks. By simulating different scenarios forecasts can be determined for various presumptions. The analysis of such forecasts leads to coherent conclusions which indicate the extent of appropriate long-term mineral resources strategies. MinPol uses new technologies to merge incoming data by interpolation and ensures accurate conversion into mathematical formulae.