Yosbanis Cervantes

Yosbanis Cervantes obtained his Mining Master's degree in 2008 with full honours. During his training Yosbanis Cervantes has participated in 12 post-graduate courses, participated in 6 different research topics carried out since 2003 until the present. As an environmental consultant he has been associated with 10 research projects relating to mining and environmental associated issues. During his career Yosbanis Cervantes has given presentations in numerous international congresses and workshops.

Since 2003 he has been working as a University Assistant with the University of Moa (Cuba), and he is engaged in national and international projects (focused on Mining and Environment). Since February 2010 he is the chairman of the Environmental Studies Centre (CEMA) in the Instituto Superior Minero-Metalúrgico, Moa-Cuba.

He is member of different professional organizations such as: Geology Cuban Society, the Cuban Engineers and Architects National Union, Geo- Network of Latin American German Alumni (GOAL).