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José Cabello is an Economic Geologist and a Qualified Competent Person. Has a Professional Title in Geology and a Diploma in Sciences Communication both from the Universidad de Chile

He is also the President of the Geological Society of Chile (2015-2018). José was previously Adviser to the Director of the Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería (Chile) as well as Member of the Chilean-Chinese and Chilean-Finnish Chambers of Commerce in Santiago.

He had worked for different mining companies and institutions in several Latin American countries as well as in Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, USA, Canada, Indonesia, India, Uzbekistan and China. Since 2005, as a consultant he has provided services for at least 46 different firms or organizations both national and international. His varied experience covers the fields of economic geology, exploration, mining, mineral resources inventories, projects evaluation and data bases.

Regularly, he gives lectures and courses at universities and institutions, both in Chile and abroad.