Alejandro Ehrenfeld

Alejandro Ehrenfeld completed his Electrical Engineering studies at the University of Chile in 2005. He has received training in Mining Systems and Mine Planning during 2011 and 2012 at the Mining Engineering Department of the University of Chile.

He is currently researcher at the Delphos Mine Planning Laboratory at the Advanced Mining Technology Center - AMTC of the University of Chile. He is the Director of the Virtual Planning Room project (funded by the Chilean Gouverment), and participates in the Holistic Mine Planning Project (Data Sensing and Management sub project) in the context of the CSIRO Chile Center of Excelence iniciative. He has done a Bibliographical review and a field research about the state of the sensing and data gathering technologies actually being used in the big chilean copper mining industry. This work has lead to the conceptual design of an Integrated Mine Planning and Operations methodology which connects the Automatic Control dicipline and the Short Term Mine Planning practice.

From 2007 to 2011 he was in charge of the Electro-Technologies Laboratories at the University of Chile and from this position he took part in the Autonomous Vehicle for Open Pit Mine project team (communications and telecommand design and implementation) and a number of other development projects in the sensor networks and digital processing area. He did several laboratory teaching too.

Since the AMTC creation, he has been part of the Technology Transfer Office, taking active part of the Center relationship with industry partners, the IP policy definition, and the promotion of multidisciplinary initiatives and proposals from the inside of the Center, to take advantage of the different research groups expertise.

In 2013 he has been participating in the "Extract-IT" EU project workshops, representing AMTC and what their researchers think about the mining technologies in the next 50 years.